Capstone Requirements

Senior Capstone Requirements
University & Mountain Lion Scholars

Students who are graduating from the UCCS Honors program must complete an Honors senior seminar capstone course through their academic major department or enroll in ID 4950. This capstone experience must include a project related to the student's major area of study. It is further required that each student present his or her project at the Honors Capstone Colloquium held in the semester in which the project is undertaken. The dates for the Honors Capstone Colloquium are available on the Honors website or by contacting Carrie Arnold (

Seniors who intend to graduate with University or Mountain Lion Honors are required to:  

  • Meet with Carrie Arnold, Assistant Director of the Honors Program, at least one semester prior to graduation from UCCS.           
  • Develop an original project that is completed within the senior year.  
  • Submit to Dr. Hackman, Director of the Honors Program, a 3-5 page summary of their Capstone Project with the project title to be listed in the Honors Capstone Colloquium program at least 6 weeks prior to presenting at the Honors Capstone Colloquium.    

Acceptable projects for presentation are:  

  • A research study or paper  
  • An experiment  
  • A film you made  
  • A work of art  
  • An original composition (music or written)  
  • A computer program/application you designed or created  
  • Other projects are subject to the approval of the Honors Program Director.

However, please keep in mind that it is NOT acceptable to submit work done in a course other than the capstone to meet the Honors capstone requirement. Students will sign up for their presentation time slot at the Honors Capstone Colloquium by contacting Carrie Arnold.  

On the day of the presentation at the Honors Capstone Colloqium, students will:  

  • Dress professionally (no jeans, t-shirts, or other casual clothing are permitted).  
  • Deliver a 15 minute presentation using Prezi, Powerpoint, or another approved presentation software.
  • Answer questions about the project from those in attendance (Honors Program faculty and staff, other Honors students, and invited faculty and guests). 

Click here for a printable copy of the Capstone Requirements.