Welcome Message

Welcome to the website for the Department of History at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. We encourage you to become familiar with the revamped and expanded website which is presently in the process of reconstruction. Over the course of the 2012-2013 academic year, the website will continue to expand and reflect the department's programs, faculty-led collaborative projects, opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students, cultural programs and university services. It provides a pathway of information to navigate through the department and UCCS.

The website reflects the expansion of the department both in terms of faculty and mission. You will find full information on all regular faculty and instructors; useful guides to the major, such as for writing and citations as well as research at the undergraduate and graduate level. Language study and International Studies options are highlighted. An added section for transfer students is designed to streamline what can be a rather arduous process. Make sure to check out the "Quick Transfer Guide" and various scholarship opportunities available for PPCC students through the University Connect program. The department offers many professional development possibilities for both undergraduate and graduate students to participate in faculty-led "research brown-bags," to be a guest lecturer in  an undergraduate classroom, or to present your research at an annual conference. But, do not limit yourself to the department alone. You are a member of the university community. Take time to acquaint yourself with other events and activities by checking out the "UCCS Arts and Lecture Series" and the "Front Range Arts and Culture" sections. At the bottom of each page is a link to the university calendar of events as well as to the departmental blog. 

The blog serves as a complement to the more concrete information on the website. Blog reminders, event announcements, "late breaking news," and guest posts will keep you informed about historical issues in the news and on campus. So, go to the website to look at the Senior Thesis faculty line-up and glance through syllabi as well as the upcoming Graduate Readings and Research options. And, get the latest news information on the blog.

Our faculty offers expertise in wide-ranging topics, from global empires to the study of genealogy; from environmental history to political participation and religion; from cultural and intellectual history to the history of science. Our geographical areas of specializations cover the US and Latin America; China and Japan; the Middle East and Southeast Asia; Europe from Great Britain and Germany to the Mediterranean World; and the Ancient World. Historical investigation and inquiry is a cornerstone of the department's course offerings. The "Research" section provides a point of reference for each student before he/she/zie steps into the classroom. Check out the regional and national institutions' catalogs. Explore the Library of Congress Archive of Photographs, the Western History/Genealogy Digital Collection at Denver Public, or the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum before you even receive your first paper assignment. Make sure that you read through "UCCS Policies on Honesty and Civility" as well as the "Citation, Style, and Grammar Guidelines." Our commitment is to train, inspire, provide rigor, and prepare our students to become active community members wherever that might be.

Again, welcome to the Department of History. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the faculty, and stay informed about the events in the department, on campus, and throughout the region. The department offers you a springboard to your intellectual career while a student at UCCS. If you have questions about the program and/or comments about the website, please contact us, or any of the other faculty members.

Dr. Paul Harvey
Chair, Department of History

Dr. Carole Woodall
Department Website Coordinator and Editor
Department of History