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Christopher V. Hill, Asian History
Paul Harvey, American History
Bernice Elizabeth Forrest, American History
Robert Sackett, Modern European History
Christina M. Jiménez, Latin American/Chicano
Brian Duvick, Ancient History
G. Carole Woodall, Modern Middle East History
Roger L. Martínez, Medieval European History

History Department Instructors and Lecturers

The History Department is fortunate to have the services of instructors and lecturers whose reputation for skill in and dedication to teaching is well-deserved. The department's current roster of regular instructors is listed below.


Barbara Headle, U.S. History
Janet Myers, European History
Judith Price, Asian History
Peter R. Brumlik, American History

Photo: Untitled. between 1935 and 1942. From Farm Security Administration Collection (Library of Congress).