Applying to the Graduate Program

The enrollment cycle to the graduate program is open ended. It is recommended that all application materials are received at least a month before the beginning of the semester for which you are applying. Complete applicationswill be considered up to two weeks before the start of the semester.

Applying to a graduate program takes time, effort, and attention to detail. At UCCS, there is a two-tiered process, were the requirements for the Graduate School and for the Department of History must be met.The following checklist will help you navigate through the process effectively.

Step 1 - There are 3 tracks for admission. For regular admissions, and all students applyhing from outside UCCS, please use the online system. For grauating UCCS History Students, please download the "quick admit form". If you graduated from UCCS within four years, please use the "Fast Track" form. These forms can be found on the graduate school admissions webpage: click here

  • Fill out online or download appropriate forms depending on your status
  • Submit a $60 non-refundable application fee ($75 for international applicants)
  • Send in TWO sets of official transcripts from each college or university previously attended, regardless of whether a degree was earned or required.  Please request to have your transcripts sent directly to the following address:

University of Colorado Colorado Springs/Department of History/Attention: Ian Smith/1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway/Colorado Springs, CO 80918-3733 

Step 2 - Make sure that you meet the Department of History application requirements. Please make sure that you complete the following checklist.

  • Provide your last name, full name, semester for application, credentials, and submit either online or hardcopy forms. Note that paper forms must be signed.
  • Submit your letter of intent
  • Submit your resume
  • Complete an instate tuition form (online or hardcopy)
  • Complete the selective service form (online or hardcopy). The form is required for all men born after 1960.
  • Submit two copies of all official transcripts
  • Provide three (3) academic letters of recommendation
  • Provide a writing sample of 15-20 pages.
  • Pay $60 application fee through the Bursar's office.

Step 3 - Continue to acquaint yourself with the Department of History program as well as the offerings at UCCS and throughout the region.

Commonly asked questions:

1. What is a letter of intent? The letter of intent is a very important part of your application into the Department of History. Therefore, you need to spend time thinking about and crafting a clear and well-composed letter that indicates your overall interest and reasons for applying to the M.A. program in History. You should not simply write about your life experience or that you like studying history. In that regards, try to answer the following questions to the best of your ability:

  • Why are you applying for a M.A. in History at UCCS?
  • What are your fields of interest?
  • What topic/subject would you like to pursue?
  • Has any life experience impacted your interest in historical inquiry?

2. What kind of writing sample should be submitted? Writing samples in the range of 10-20 pages which highlight students' research, writing, and analytical skills are ideal. Shorter writing samples will be accepted if necessary.

For futher information, please contact Dept. Program Assistant, Ian Smith at