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Why Get an MA At UCCS

Why Get an MA at UCCS


Frequently Asked Questions

Applying to the Graduate Program

Before beginning the admissions process, make sure to investigate the various course programs and options of study. In addition to completing Graduate School forms, you must meet the requirements for the Department of History.

Requirements for M.A.

The History Department offers a program leading to the M.A. The graduate program maintains high standards; it is taught only by full-time faculty with appointments to the University of Colorado Graduate Faculty.

Schedule of Graduate Courses 2014-2020

Check out the following schedule for readings and research courses as well as the teaching line-up for historiography. If you have any questions about expectations or course content, please refer to the designated faculty member.

Guide to HIST 9600

The capstone course in the M.A. in History program is HIST 9600--a three credit-hour Independent Study. As part of HIST 9600 (and for completion of the MA degree), candidates are required to pass an oral examination that covers the graduate coursework that they have completed.


The graduate history oral examination serves as the capstone of the M.A. in History program. Students take three credit hours of Independent Study (HIST 9600) to prepare for oral exams and presentation of a portfolio of three papers (in triplicate) to the history faculty.

Baseline Assessment

Congratulations on your acceptance into the MA History Program. To determine how to best serve our students and improve our program we need you to complete a baseline assessment before the beginning of the semester.

History Grad. Student Core Competencies and Rubrics

History M.A. Student Core Competencies and Rubrics