Associate Professor

Field: Ancient History

Research Interests: Greek and Roman History, Late Antiquity, Philosophy and Culture, Historiography, Greek and Latin Languages and stylistics, Ancient and Renaissance Cultural History, Early Medieval History

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Email: bduvick@uccs.edu
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Office: COB 2057


Associate Professor

Field: American History

Research Interests: Native American Indian ethnohistory east of the Mississippi; U.S. social history, 1865-1980; traditional West African (Yoruba) religion and syncretism in the western hemisphere; specializations in postbellum cultural and intellectual history, medieval Europe to 1150, and American literature to 1945.

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Email: bguillau@uccs.edu
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Office: COBH 2051

Harvey Professor and Presidential Teaching Scholar
Department Chair

Field: United States History

Research Interests: U.S. Religious, Political, Economic, and Cultural History

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Email: pharvey@uccs.edu
Office Phone: (719) 255-4078
Office: COB 2055

Hill Professor

Field: Modern South Asian History

Research Interests: Environmental History of Modern India

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Email: chill@uccs.edu
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Office: COB 2049


Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies

Field: Latin American/Chicano History

Teaching/Research Interests: Latin American History, Mexican History, and History of Cities, Citizenship, and Public Space

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Email: cjimenez@uccs.edu
Office Phone: (719) 255-4076
Office: COB 2059


Assistant Professor

Field: Medieval European History

Research Interests: Jews, Catholics, and conversos in late medieval and early modern Spain and the Americas, Early Modern Europe

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Email: rmartin8@uccs.edu
Office Phone: (719) 255-4070
Office: COB 2046


Fields: Modern Europe, Germany since the 18th Century, the Holocaust, Genocide and Oppression, History & Literature, History & Film

Research Interests: Public Discussion of Genocide and Racism in the Early Federal Republic of Germany; Responses in Contemporary Mexico to European Fascism, the Second World War, and the Nazi Genocide

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Email: rsackett@uccs.edu
Office Phone: (719) 255-4079
Office: COB 2053
East Asian History
The department is currently searching for an historian in East Asian history from the 17th to the 20th century. To apply for this position, go to: http://www.jobsatcu.com/postings/79487. 

Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor, History and Women's and Ethnic Studies Program
Executive Curator, Intersections Film Festival
Department Website Coordinator and Editor 

Field: Modern Middle East History

Research Interests: Late-Ottoman and early Turkish republican history; sensory, cultural, and urban history of the Middle East; transnationalism; critical pedagogies 

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Email: cwoodall@uccs.edu
Office Phone: (719) 255-3768
Office: COB 2045

History Department Instructors


Leah Davis-Witherow



Field: American History

Teaching and Research/Background Fields: Colorado History, the American Southwest, Material Culture, Public History, Women's History, Industrialization of the West, Market Revolution, the Gilded Age and Progressive Era Reform

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Email: ldavis2@uccs.edu
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Office: CoH 2055

Senior Instructor


Field: American History

Research Interests: History of the American West, Colonial American History

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Email: bheadle@uccs.edu
Office Phone: (719) 255-4028
Office: COB 2050

Senior Instructor


Field: Medieval European and English History

Research Interests: Middle Ages and Renaissance hisory (with emphasis on constitutional, intellectual, literary, and cultural history), English History from the Anglo-Saxon period to eighteenth century; Elizabethan studies; Women's history; Jane Austen and her world

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Email: jmyers@uccs.edu
Office Phone: (719) 255-4082
Office: COB 2047   


Field: Asian History

Research Interests: Chinese and Japanese History, rise of Imperial Japan, Japanese Shogunate

Judith Price taught history at UCCS from 1987 to 2012, and endowed the first-ever Chair in a Humanities program at UCCS, the Donahue Chair of East Asian Studies. 

Instructor Emeritus: Peter Brumlik

Peter Brumlik taught as an Instructor in the History Department for many years until Spring 2014, and currently practices medicine in Colorado Springs.