Accessing the UCCS Wireless Network

Connecting to UCCS Wireless - XP

UPDATE: Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows XP in July 2011. As such, the IT Department is no longer providing support as well. However, these help sheets will be available for anyone still using it.

Automatic Setup - Download UCCS_WirelessXP.exe, download and install the file.  Further instructions will pop up on your screen when installing.
Manual Setup - Read the Introduction and continue to Configuration Step 2.


NOTE: To connect to the UCCS wireless, your laptop must meet specific requirements to keep the network protected. After configuration, your computer will be checked for the following:

  • All critical and security Windows updates installed including Service Pack 3
  • Approved anti-virus protection installed and up to date
  • Approved anti-spyware protection installed and up to date
  • Automatic Windows Updates service running
  • Windows firewall enabled
  • Bridging disabled
  • DHCP forced

To see which antivirus and anti-spyware programs are acceptable and get instructions on Windows Updates, go to

As part of the configuration, a Policy Key will be installed on your computer. You must have administrative privileges for this to work.

If you are running a security program such as Norton Internet Security or McAfee which includes a personal firewall, you need to disable it until after you have successfully registered on the network.  You can usually find the settings for your firewall under "Internet" or "Network" within the security program.


1. If you can connect your computer to a network port on UCCS, you may auto-configure your wireless internet connection by completing this step. Click HERE and then click the Run button. Another helpsheet will popup during the install process guiding you what to do next. If you cannot plug your computer into a network port, you must manually configure your connection starting with step 3.

2. Select the Wireless Networking icon from the windows system tray in the lower right of your screen.

Screen Capture
3. Select "UCCS-Wireless". Click "Change Advanced Settings".
Screen Capture
4. Click the "Wireless Networks" tab and then the "Add" button.
Screen Capture
5. Under "Network name (SSID)" enter "UCCS-Wireless" (without the quotes). For "Network Authentication" select "WPA2" if available, "WPA" if not, and for "Data Encryption" select "AES". If WPA is not available, go to for other options.
Screen Capture
6. Click the "Authentication" tab. For "EAP type" select "Protected EAP (PEAP)" and uncheck "Authenticate as computer when information is available". Click the "Properties" button.
Screen Capture
7. Check "Validate server certificate" and "Connect to these servers". Type in "" (without the quotes) in the box underneath. Under "Select Authentication Method" select "Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)". Make sure "Enable Fast Reconnect" is checked and click the "Configure" button.
Screen Capture
8. If you do NOT log onto your laptop with your IT username and password, uncheck the box on this page. If you normally log on with your IT username and password, leave this box checked. Click the OK button for this window and all the other open properties windows.
Screen Capture
9. You will now see a balloon appear over the system tray entitled "Wireless Network connection". Click on this balloon.
Screen Capture
10. A window titled "Enter Credentials" will pop up. Enter your UCCS IT username and password. For domain, enter "UFP". Click OK. If you have logon issues, go to
Screen Capture
11. The "Additional information ..." balloon will appear again. Click on the balloon.
Screen Capture
12. A window titled "Validate Server Certificate" will pop up. Click OK.
Screen Capture
13. Open an internet browser such as Internet Explorer. You will be redirected to the UCCS Network Access Control webpage.  If you are required to login, please login with your UCCS username and password. You'll then see this screen.  Please download and install the Policy key.

14.  Install the Safe Connect Policy Key.  Once installation is finished, wait 10-30 seconds and go to any webpage.  Any policy key violations will be displayed, you will see this warning once a day for 3 days or until you have fixed the warnings displayed on the page.  If your computer meets all policy requirements you will be able to access the network.