Accessing the UCCS Wireless Network

Connecting to the Wireless on a Mobile Device

Since all flavors of Android Phones, Blackberry's, Windows Mobile phones, Nokia phones are different, connecting to the UCCS-Wireless network is virtually the same on all platforms.

1.  Locate your wireless settings within your mobile phone.
2.  Connect to the UCCS-Wireless network
3.  Enter in your UCCS username or password if you haven't done so already
4.  Open a web browser on your phone
5.  If you are prompted to enter your UCCS username and password again, please do so
6.  Your browser should automatically redirect you to and you are then connected.

Since there are so many configurations of mobile phones, the UCCS IT Help Desk will not guarantee support on all of them.  If you have any questions, please call the UCCS IT Help Desk at 719-255-3536 or x3536 on campus.