What Kind of Computer Do I Need?

Student Recommendations for Purchasing Computer Systems

This information is provided as a service to UCCS students for personal use. The following list of computers is provided to show the IT Help Desk's recommended hardware specifications. Please reference this list when shopping for your next computer. The Help Desk staff can help you understand the various computer components and assist you in finding educational discounts for students.

  • The IT Help Desk recommends purchasing computers with the following specifications:

      • Laptops
        • Intel Core i5 processor
        • 4 GB of Memory
        • 250 GB Hard Drive or larger
        • Minimum 6-cell battery

      • Desktops
        • Intel Core i5 processor
        • 4 GB of DDR3 Memory
        • 320 GB Hard Drive or larger
        • 90% efficient power supply

Student Hardware Discounts

Student discounts on computers can be found at these sites: