Resident Housing

Compatible Devices

The UCCS network is designed to accommodate a variety of devices on both our wired and wireless networks. The following is a brief list of devices we allow on our network.

  • Computers with wired and wireless connections
  • Smartphones and tablets with WPA2 Enterprise connection profiles
  • Game consoles
  • Switches

Incompatable devices

Personal Routers

Do not use routers, bridging, or your own wireless, the only devices allowed to increase the number of ports in your room are switches. Using a router will disable your network port and it will remain disabled until you contact the Help Desk.

Network Printers

Students living in the housing village are not permittd to have network or wireless printing.

If you wish to print on campus, follow the instructions below for your own printer or use Paw Prints from any campus computer.

How to Connect Your Devices

  • Connect your computer to UCCS-Wireless when possible, following these instructions.
  • Connect your gaming console to the ethernet port (wall port) in your room. Do not connect it to UCCS-Wireless.
  • Connect your printer to your computer via USB cord. Do not connect your printer to any UCCS network, wired or wireless.
  • Connect your phone or tablet to UCCS-Wireless when possible, following these instructions.
  • If you have a console and a desktop computer, you will either need to get a wireless card for your desktop or switch between the devices plugged into your port.

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