Connecting From Off Campus

Are you connecting from an office, military base or a different university network?

Most private or secure military networks will not allow an outgoing VPN connection. You should contact the network's administrators to see if VPN connections are allowed.

Are you connecting with a cricket wireless card?

Cricket Wireless does not allow VPN connections.

Do you have any 3rd party antivirus, antispyware or firewalls?

Certain antivirus/spyware software sometimes will block VPN connections. Try disabling the software, and attempt reconnecting to the VPN.

Do you have Century Link as a service provider?

Please contact Century Link and have them open TCP port 1723 and UDP ports 1701 and 500.

Common connection errors and their meaning.

Error 800:

The outgoing VPN connection is being blocked by a firewall or Internet service provider. Please contact the support for your anti-virus/firewall software, or your service provider to allow VPN connections.

Error 700:

You will need to reinstall the VPN connection from the Help Desk website.

Error 711:

The server is not allowing VPN connections. Please contact the Help Desk.

Error 732& 612

The network you are connected to is blocking the VPN connection request. Please contact your network administrator or service provider.