Secure File Transfer (SSH) Used for Unix Web, Brain, SPSS, and A-card Access

The IT department recommends the use of PuTTY for Secure Shell (SSH) connections to services such as Please follow the guide bellow to download, install and configure PuTTY. 

Step 1.

Click on the following link which will take you to the main PuTTy download page

Step 2. 

Click on the PuTTY.exe file (highlighted by the red box in the picture) to download the program. Depending on which internet browser you are using you may be prompted to Save or Run the file. Choose the Save option and save the download to your desktop. 

Putty Link

Step 3.

Once the download is complete this icon will show up on your desktop. 

Putty Icon

Double click on the icon and PuTTY will launch. 

Step 4. 

To configure PuTTY to create a SSH connection with use the following settings. Once all of the settings are entered click "Open" at the bottom of the window. A black window will appear and you will be prompted for your UCCS username and password. 

On Campus or connected to UCCS VPN:

  • Host Name (or IP Address):
  • Port: 22
  • Connection type: SSH

Off Campus:

  • Host Name (or IP Address):
  • Port: 2222
  • Connection type: SSH

 Brain Off campus

Step 5. 
To save your configuration for future use set up either the on campus or off campus settings in step 4. Once that is complete, under the "Saved Sessions" section give your configuration a name and then hit "Save" to the right. You should see your saved session show up in the list below. To use your saved session, click on it once to highlight and then click "Load" to the right.