Connecting From Off Campus

Resources VPN For iOS Devices

NOTE: This VPN is not recommended for iOS devices, if you do choose to use this VPN, please be aware that you must purchase additional app to access enterprise and excelsior.  Please search the app store for FileBrowser or FileExplorer.  These apps are not supported by the UCCS IT Department.  

SUMMARY: This document will walk you through setting up the UCCS Resources VPN (Voyager) on your Apple Mobile Devices using iOS. The Resources VPN (Voyager) connection is used to access the UCCS Servers (i.e. Excelsior, Enterprise, Columbia, etc.) as well as other additional resources.


    1. From the home screen, select Settings.
    3. Select General, then select Network.
    5. Open the VPN settings.
    7. Choose Add VPN Configuration...
    9. Select the PPTP tab.
      • In the Description field, enter UCCS Resources VPN (Voyager).
      • For Server enter
      • Type your UCCS e-mail address for the Account field.
      • Make sure Send All Traffic is set to on.
      • Click Save when you're done.
    11. Make sure there is a checkmark next to the desired VPN, by tapping it.
      • Use the VPN switch to turn the VPN on.