Using WS_FTP for File Transfer

Installation of FileZilla Client

Configuration of FileZilla Client

How to install the FileZilla Client

Step 1:
Navigate to the following address. The link is to the direct file download so your computer will prompt you before continuing. Click the option to continue and then save the file.
Choose the first link

FileZilla download link

Step 2:
Run the file you downloaded in the previous step. Accept the license agreement to continue.

License Agreement

Step 3:

Accepts all of the program defaults 

Installation DefaultInstallation DefaultInstallation DefaultInstallation DefaultInstallation Default

Step 4.
Click Finish to complete the installation of the FileZilla Client.

Configuration of the FileZilla Client

Step 1:

Open FileZilla and go to the Site Manager in the top left corner


Step 2:

Click on the New Site button to fill in the information for

New Site

Step 3:

Insert the following information:

On the left side:
Under "My Sites" name the site ""

On the right side:
In the "Host" field enter ""

The port should be 22 when connecting from on campus or while using the VPN. For off campus use port 2222.  

  • Change the Protocol to "SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol"
  • Change the "Logon Type" to "Ask for password"In the "User" field enter your username
  • Leave the rest blank and press "OK"


Step 4:

To access go to the arrow to the right of the Site Manager. A menu will drop down with the option listed. Click on brain.

Step 5:

Provide your password in the popup box.

Password Box