Network File Storage Information

Using a Lab Mac to Access Network Folders

SUMMARY: This document provides information about using UCCS lab Mac's to access and store files on the UCCS network. This includes information on accessing your personal storage space as well as accessing your professor's outbox. For information about accessing network folders from home, please refer to our instructions for individuals.

    • On the desktop, there are two shortcuts. One can be used to access Enterprise, and the other can be used to access Excelsior.

    • The Excelsior folder contains folders for each student.
      In order to find a folder on Excelsior, select the first letter of the username, then search for the username.

    • The Enterprise folder contains folders for Faculty and Staff.

  • Faculty folders contain an INBOX and an OUTBOX
    • The INBOX will allow others to put documents into the folder, but it will not allow them to access other documents in the folder
    • The OUTBOX will allow others to view or copy documents, but it will not allow them to alter documents.