Network File Storage Information

UCCS Network Folder Access for Windows 7

SUMMARY: This document will walk you through the necessary steps to connect to UCCS network folder locations (i.e. Excelsior, Enterprise, Columbia, etc.) using Windows 7.
NOTE: In order to access these folders from an off-campus computer, you will first need to setup the UCCS Resources VPN (Voyager). Please reference our VPN information page for tools and help sheets.

    • Click on the Start icon and place your cursor in the Searcharea at the bottom.

    • In the search field, enter the network address of the desired location.
        • In order to access a student's folder, enter: \\\Students

      • In order to access a faculty (professor) or staff folder, enter: \\\Users

    • If you see a login window, enter your full e-mail address and password.

    • In order to find a student folder, select the first initial of the username and then select the username of the student.

      In order to find a professor's folder, select the Faculty folder and then select the usernameof the professor.

  • Faculty folders contain an INBOX and an OUTBOX
    • The INBOX will allow others to put documents into the folder, but it will not allow them to access other documents in the folder
    • The OUTBOX will allow others to view or copy documents, but it will not allow them to alter documents.