Network File Storage Information

UCCS Computer Accounts and Servers

The following servers are maintained by the UCCS Information Technology (IT) Department.

  • Enterprise - NT server for storage of faculty and staff files
  • Excelsior - NT server for storage of student files
  • Voyager - NT server for virtual private networking (VPN) access to Enterprise and Excelsior
  • Transporter - NT server for VPN access to the UCCS Library databases
  • Webmail/Brain - Unix server for email and (www) websites
  • CyberClass = NT server CyberClass accounts
  • WebCT - NT server for WebCT accounts
  • Click on the link below for more information on using your username and password to login to these servers.

An IT account is deactivated when it is no longer required for university business.

  • Student accounts are deleted on the census date of the year after their last class on campus. For example: if a user graduated in Spring of 2009, the users IT account will be deactivated on the census date of Spring of 2010.
  • Faculty accounts are deactivated after approximately 2 years.
  • Staff accounts are deactivated the same day the user leaves the university.
  • Exception: Faculty and staff that retire from UCCS may keep their email accounts indefinitely.