Service Requests

Copier/Printer Request

  • Network Printer:
    • A network printer is the recommended method of printing for UCCS.  Network printers give your department the best reliability, accessibility and have the least expensive cost per print.   
    • Network printers require an available network port in the room they are being placed.  We can help you determine if your office has available network ports.   
    • If you already have a network capable printer that you would like to setup, please fill out our Copier/Printer Request form.
    • If you need a new printer we have compiled a list of recommended printers.  
  • Personal Printer:
    • Personal printers are very convenient and practical; however, they also have the most expensive cost per page printed. 
    • If you need assistance with the setup of a personal printer, please contact the Help Desk and we will assist you with setup.
    • If you wish to purchase a personal printer please refer to our list of recommended printers.

  • Shared Personal Printer:
    • Shared printers can be setup ONLY if the options listed above are NOT possible.
    • A printer connected to a personal computer (host) in your department can be shared with other computers (clients) in your department. However, there are security risks associated with doing this. In order for a shared printer to be setup you must meet the following requirements:
      • No sensitive data will be printed to this printer (especially Social Security and Credit Card Numbers)
      • Social Security and Credit Card numbers are not stored on the computer hosting the printer or any computer printing to the shared printer.
      • The host computer must remain on for others to be able to print 
    • If the above criteria are met, please complete the following form to request a shared printer: