Service Requests

IT Account Request

  • All students, staff, and faculty get an IT account automatically. Student accounts are created after they register for their first class. Staff and faculty accounts are created after they are added to payroll by the Personnel Department.
Accounts for Clubs and Departments
  • Here are some examples of valid requests for an additional IT account.
    • 1. A student club or organization wants an email account and/or website
    • 2. A department needs an additional email address. 
    • 3. Ownership of an existing account needs to be transferred to another individual. 
    • 4. A staff or faculty member sponsors a regular event requiring an IT login
  • To request an additional IT account, click on the link below, below to login to the Self-Service portal.
  • Accounts are created within 2 weeks from submittal date.  
Accounts for Individuals (Person of Interest) 
  • For individuals not part of the UCCS payroll system requesting an IT account please follow the instructions below.  
  • Examples of these accounts would be:
    • A unpaid staff or faculty member needs an account; e.g. ROTC or volunteer
  • As of August 1st, 2009 account requests for individuals are processed by Human Resources.  A "Person Of Interest (POI)" must be completed in order to obtain an IT login.  
    • To request an account please access the "Add a Person (POI) Worksheet" via the Human Resources Website.  
    • This form needs to be signed by a department sponsor and turned in to Human Resources.  The IT Department is unable to accept or process these forms.  
    • The account sponsor will be notified once the account has been created
    • PLEASE NOTE:  Accounts are active for 6 months