IT Purchasing Assistance

Software for Purchase


Adobe Software


    • Adobe software for university owned computers can be purchased through the CU Bookstore at a substantial discount. A license is required for each product and each computer. A speedtype is required.

    • To purchase Adobe software, please visit our discounted software site, and then select Institutional Use Only Software.

    • For more information about purchasing Adobe software, please contact the CU Bookstore.

    • The IT Help Desk can install the software once purchased.

SPSS, SAS, AutoCAD, Mathematica and NVivo

    • Discounted licensing has been arranged for the entire CU system.  For information regarding these products please see the the information posted at the CU site licensed Software List.
    • Licenses for SPSS Statistics, for the 2013-2014 license year, are available for CU faculty, staff, and students. This includes all the SPSS modules:
        • Advanced Statistics, Regression, Tables, Custom Tables, Categories, Forecasting, Decision Trees, Missing Values, Complex Samples, Conjoint, Exact Tests, Neural Networks, Data Prep, Bootstrapping, Direct Marketing
      • The fee can be paid by departmental account (speedtype) or by check to "University of Colorado". Card and cash not accepted, sorry.
      • Dowload SPSS from campus or via VPN, at
      • The licensing authorization code will be sent by email when you purchase a license.
      • Once you are ready to order or if you need any additional information please email
    • New SAS licenses, for the licensing year 2013-2014, are available to faculty and students and staff of CU. An office/laptop pair of computers for a single user can be covered by a single license.
    • The IT Help Desk can help install the software once it is purchased.

All Other Software (including Microsoft products)

    • Other software for university-owned computers can be purchased at a substantial discount.

    • For purchasing assistance and a custom configuration based on your needs please contact the Help Desk at 719-255-3536 or email at and a purchasing specialist will contact you.

    • The IT Help Desk can install the software once purchased.
    • Someone should maintain the software invoices/licenses for your computer. This is important as they are needed if it's ever necessary to reload it onto the computer. If you're unable to provide the necessary documentation, you'll be required to repurchase it before IT is allowed to reinstall it.