UCCS Digital File Storage

Administrator Instructions for Department Shares

  1. Open Active Directory
    1. Click the Start icon and then type Active Directory in the search box.
    2. Click on Active Directory Users and Computers.
    • NOTE: If you cannot locate this feature, please call the IT Help Desk at 255-3536 for assistance.Active Directory
  2. Navigate to Department Server
    1. Expand uccs.edu.
    2. Expand Groups.
    3. Select Department Server.
    4. Find your department share. You will see three objects with your department name.
      • The first one with nothing following the share name is the Read Only group.
      • The second one ends in Full. This is the Administrators group. Only your username should appear in this group.
      • The third group ends in RW. This is the Read-Write group of users that can read, edit, write, and delete files.Department Server
  3. Set user access
    1. Select the level of access you would like the new user to have:
    • If you want the new member to have Read/Write access, right-click on the group name that ends with RW and select Properties . Then continue with step 4 below.
    • If you want the member to have Read-Only access, right-click on the first group and select Properties.User Access
  4. Click on the Managed By tab and make sure your user name is listed on the end.
    • If the Change... button is greyed out, you're not the administrator of this account and cannot make changes.File Management
  5. Click on the Members tab and click the Add button.
    File Management
  6. Add the new person's user name and click the Check Namesbutton.
    • If their user name and email appear, then click OK.
    • If the user name isn't found, you'll get a pop up. Click the Cancelbutton, retype the user name, and try again.Add Users
  7. When you've added all the people needed, click the OK button.
    • The people you've added can now access the department share.