UCCS Digital File Storage

UCCS Digital File Storage

  • Network storage spaces can be accessed from any computer on the UCCS domain. They can also be accessed from off-campus using the VPN.

  • Network storage spaces are backed up twice a day. If a file is accidentally removed from the storage space, you can restore the folder back to a previous state before the deletion was made. Follow the link for file restore instructions.

  • Instructions for accessing network storage can be found on our network folder access page.

Faculty and Staff Folders

  • Faculty and staff are given a personal data storage space which appears as your Z: drive on University computers.

  • Storage space folders on Excelsior is usually limited to 700MB.
    Personal folders on Enterprise are limited to 1GB.

  • If you would like to change who has access to folders on your personal storage space, please fill out the Z: Drive Permission Request form.

Department Folders

  • Department folders on Columbia are created by request. Click here to find more information about department shares.

  • Storage space on Columbia can be increased incrementally as needed.

  • Permissions for department shares are managed by the folder's owner. Here are the instructions for managing department shares.

  • To request a new department share, please fill out our online form.