Creating an Inbox Rule in OWA

These instructions will guide you through setting up an inbox rule through the Outlook Web Application (OWA)


Step 1:

Once you log in, select Create an Inbox Rule  from the options menu

Step 2:

Select the New dropdown menu.



Step 3:

Choose the type of rule you wish to create. In this example we will filter mail from an address to a folder.



Step 4:

After choosing It was received from type the mail address of the recipient in the From section.



Step 5:

Next, select what you want to do with the mail from the recipient. In this example, we are moving the message to a folder.



Step 6:

Select the folder you wish to direct the message to.



Step 7:

Click save to finish creating the rule.



Step 8:

You will then be able to view and edit the rule from the Inbox Rules section in the OWA Options menu.