Getting Started

Choosing and Configuring Email Clients

  • Outlook and other e-mail clients

Security and Virus Information

  • Proper use of campus e-mail, protecting yourself from Viruses and phishing, and reporting e-mail abuse

UCCS Email Spam Filter

  • Instructions on using with the Proofpoint spam filter

Campus Mailing Lists

  • There are three large mailing lists for the campus: staff-L, faculty-L, and student-L

Create Mailing Lists

  • Mailing lists are available for departments, academic courses, and student organizations

Email Rules

  • Using Rules to Sort Your UCCS Email

Setting a Automatic Reply (Vacation Message)

  • Instructions to create an auto-reply for your UCCS email, commonly used when you go on vacation

Forwarding a SPAM Email to the Help Desk

  • Instructions on how to attach and forward an email to the Help Desk