Windows 8

Versions of Windows 8

What is Windows Surface?

For the first time Microsoft will also be releasing their own tablets, called the Surface. The surface will be trying to directly compete with the iPad and Android tablets. Microsoft will be releasing 2 versions of the surface an RT version and a Pro. The RT version is available on Friday the 26th, however, there are some serious limitations of the RT version of the surface, think of RT as a “lite” version of Windows. The Pro version will be available from Microsoft in January 2013. There will be several other Windows RT products from Dell, HP and others, we recommend using caution when purchasing any RT products, please do not expect them to function as a full version of Windows.

Just the Basics


  • Will NOT run existing Windows 7 desktop applications.
  • Apps can only be installed from the Windows Store, it will only run “modern” applications from the Windows Store.
  • It will contain the consumer preview version of Office RT 2013 (Home and Student version).
  • There is no Outlook in Office RT. Users of Windows RT/Office RT will use the Windows Mail Modern application.
  • Office RT 2013 will upgrade for FREE to the final version when it is released.
  • Office RT 2013 is a “touch” centric version of office that shares most of the features of the full desktop client, and has Word 2013 RT, Excel 2013 RT, PowerPoint 2013 RT, and OneNote 2013 RT.


  • Will run the full Version of Windows 8.
  • Will run existing Windows 7 desktop applications.
  • Will run the full Version of Office 2013
  • Will be able to run Outlook 2013