Windows 8

Campus Recommendation:

  • Staff Computers
    Windows 8 is not recommended and will not be offered at this time.  We are working with IT support staff in specific departments to test compatibility with existing systems.
  • Faculty Computers
    Windows 8 is not recommended for your primary machine, however it is available for testing and development, we do recommend using a secondary machine or test machine.  Test installations are available today, this page provides information on obtaining Windows 8.    Don't have a spare system?  We also have Windows 8 laptops and desktops available for checkout, just give us a call to reserve one.
  • Computer Labs
    All IT computer labs on campus will remain on Windows 7 for the Spring 2013 semester.  During the semester a select Windows 8 pod will be setup in the library.  We will look at upgrading to Windows 8 for the Summer 2013 or Fall 2013 semester.
  • Campus Network
    Windows 8 devices will be able to connect to the campus wireless, VPN and email servers.  Our Windows 8 page has more details.  
  • Personal Computers
    Discounted versions of Windows 8 and Office 2013 can be purchased by student’s faculty and staff. This section will be updated as Microsoft makes these available.