Computer Support

New Computer Setup

The IT Help Desk computer build process takes about 2 days for recommended machines and up to 2 weeks for non-recommended machines. This process allows us to configure the computer to function on the campus network and install university provided software.

Software we install

The following is a general list of software we automatically install. For more information on software we install please visit the IT Provided Software page

  • Windows 7 or OSX
  • Microsoft Office
  • Forefront antivirus (PC)
  • Sophos Antivirus (Mac)
  • Java
  • Flash player
  • Optional Software
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • iWork 09
    • iLife 11

What we need from you

  • Computer
  • Power Adapter (if a laptop)
  • Proof of Purchase
  • Additional software to install
  • Completed Build sheet

Note: Due to space and storage limitations, please do not bring boxes, bags, software, and peripherals to the help desk.

Fill out a build sheet

The Build sheet helps us keep track of your computer, ensures consistency and allows us to better tailor the computer to meet your needs. They can be filled out both online and at the help desk. To fill out a build sheet online, please visit the Cherwell Self-Service Portal.