Deep Listening Exploration Group
Deep Listening Exploration Group

Heller Center for Arts & Humanities

Saturday, Nov. 5

Time: 4:00pm

Welcome to our Autumn Deep Listening Exploratory Group at the magical Heller Center for Arts & Humanities on the UCCS campus. We begin in silence: “Silence is itself a noise; a rustle, a crumpling, a squeaking, a rumbling, an uproar or a breath, a racket or a panting. All this occurs beneath words, below words, behind them.” (Jean Luc Nancy). We come to listen. We shall stretch our ears and experience inner and outer listening. We shall explore sound as it flows between words, pushes to voice and to resonate. Feel color, movement, taste.

Listening together moves us toward an experience where we create nomadic voices via sound poems. This is especially exciting since we shall be working with very talented musicians across the Front Range plus a special guest from San Francisco. “(X)Centric Circles” a Deep Listening experience with the Oblique Art Ensemble: Rent Romus (San Francisco) - saxophones, Markus Hunt (Denver) - contrabass, Bob Marsh (Pueblo) - cello, Ryan Seward (Denver) - percussion, plus special guests. “(X)Centric Circles” is a 3 movement score for Sounders and Listeners.

The sessions are all free (no costs) and open to anyone. For more information on this Nov. 5 event contact Dr. Mary Jane Sullivan at