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Sonic Landscapes Concert

Sonic Landscapes

Matthew Burtner | EcoSono Institute
Glen Whitehead | VAPA Music
Students of HUM 3990: Sonic Landscapes

The Bottesini Project Featuring:
Paul Riola | Saxophone
Glen Whitehead | Trumpet
Jay Ellis | Drums
Randy Bowen | Percussion
Matthew Burtner | Saxophone

Bring a picnic and join us at the Heller Center for a sonic wilderness featuring the virtuosity of world renowned improvisers, environmental compositions of composer / saxophonist Matthew Burtner, Glen Whitehead and UCCS student installations, performances and presentations featuring their field recordings from the Rocky Mountain region for the Humanities course Sonic Landscapes. Beautiful, intensive, freely expressive and tightly constructed, the music and sound works of this collective will evoke an expansive fusing of classical, jazz, contemporary, electronic, and environmental aesthetics- sound, silence, space and time.

When: Saturday, Aug. 2 | 6pm
Where: Heller Center for Arts & Humanities
Cost: FREE
Information: Glen Whitehead | gwhitehe@uccs.edu