Frequently Asked Questions

How are final selections made and when will I be notified?

Mentors read through the applicants who have indicated interest in their projects. For the top candidates, mentors talk with the finalists via phone. Students are not offered spaces in the program until selections have been agreed upon between all mentors. All applicants (whether accepted or not) will be notified via e-mail. If you get an offer for another situation and you need to know your current status sooner, contact Tish Fleener at 719 255 3479 for assistance.

Should I send my resume?


Should I send transcripts from all the colleges I have attended?

Yes, unless your current college summarized your prior work on its transcript.

Will an unofficial transcript be acceptable?

Official or unofficial electronic transcripts are acceptable. Only finalists will be asked for mailed official transcripts.

When is your due date? Do you take late applications?

Our deadline for 2015 is receipt of all required application materials by the end of the work day on March 1, 2015. All complete applications received by the deadline will be considered.

What if I am interested in just one project?

You can list just one project if you wish. However, listing three choices improves your chances of being chosen.

Why can't seniors apply?

The rule to not allow graduating seniors to apply is the National Science Foundation's rule. A primary objective of the NSF/REU program is to encourage undergraduates to stay in or enter the sciences. By the time a student is a senior, their major is not likely to change.

Do students work on one of the projects listed on your website or do they design their own project and work with a faculty mentor?

Students typically work on an aspect of their mentor's project, and they conduct a special research project within the expertise of the mentor.

Will there be more than one student working with a faculty mentor?

Two students work with each mentor. However at least two projects will involve multiple mentors because they are collaborative projects.

My academic year classes end after your start date. Can I still apply and arrive late?

We might accommodate a student starting a day or two late, but not more than that. In that case, our advice is to go ahead and apply. If chosen, you should try to get your final exam schedule rearranged.

What are your guidelines for the reference letters?

Our guidelines are:

  1. Provide comments on the student's academic ability, motivation, work habits and potential as a researcher.
  2. The letter needs to be written on official letterhead. We prefer a signed copy if possible. This can be either a scanned copy or one with a digital signature.
  3. When you save the file, this document name will be appreciated: student's last name, first name and writer's initials. (For example Dr. John Smith's letter for his student Ms. Mary Doe is DoeMaryJS. docx or pdf)
  4. Send the letter as an attachment to our REU address  ( ) by March 1, 2015. The email time stamp is used as it's arrival date.