Green REU Application Directions

The deadline for submitting an application to the 2015 GREEN REU is March 1, 2015.

Please conform to the following requirements when applying:

  1. Arrange for two professors to send us letters of recommendation, which include commentary on your academic ability, motivation, work habits, skills, and potential for success in the REU program. Letters should be on college or university letterhead and should be sent electronically with electronic signature from the professor's email account or by paper mail. Please ask to have the letter sent as an attachment to For filing purposes, this file name convention to be used is: student's last name, first name and writer's initials. (For example, Dr. John Smith's letter for Ms. Mary Doe is named DoeMaryJS.docx or pdf.)
  2. To apply, go to Then click on "REU Fellow 2015", then "Apply".
  3. After acceptance decisions are made in March, we will notify you on your status.

Still have questions? Check our Questions page or contact Dr. Sonja Braun-Sand at at (719) 255-3479 or at