We're a small but mighty team of gardners, farmers and sustainability supporters. 

Volunteer with the UCCS Greenhouse: See where delicious veggies are grown, meet the people who do it, and help us as we cultivate healthy food for campus!

Kelley Jennings, Greenhouse and Garden Manager: I am originally from TexPhoto of Kelley Jennings, Greenhouse and Garden Manager, pictured in the greenhouse among the plantsas where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Geography and Environmental Studies from Texas A&M University.  I've lived, gardened professionally and raised children in Colorado Springs since 1997.  I am hoping to be able to utilize my knowledge and experience of the natural world, garden creation and experimentation to create an organic garden here at UCCS that is at once useful and profitable, diverse and alive, sustainable and lovely, and of course provides for new educational experiences for students and is a valuable resource for educators. 

Eric Gaulke:
I have had some gardening experience in the past while working with a local non-profit organization here in Colorado Springs. We helped install gardens for homeowners and would take care of a few ourselves. Every garden we helped install was all done using hand tools such as digging forks and McClouds. We also purchased some vegetables from farmers East of Pueblo in the Arkansas Valley and sold them to local people at senior centers, nursing homes and the flea market. All the gardening I did for the non-profit was in the ground gardening (no raised beds or greenhouses).  While working for the greenhouse at UCCS I hope to gain a good understanding and knowledge base of working with raised beds and greenhouses because there are a lot of differences and new things to learn than working in the ground provides. I also really enjoy the idea of growing food right on campus that will be served to students in the café helping to reduce the schools dependence on third party farmers and fossil fuels. Hopefully we can set an example that every other school and university in the nation can follow! Check out Eric's composting blog.


Photo of UCCS Greenhouse employee Chris EverhartChris Everhart: I was born and raised in Colorado and I am a second year engineering student here at UCCS.  Born and raised in a farming community I saw this job as a natural fit to my current skill set.  Even with the three hour round trip to and from work I look forward to coming in and doing something.  I always love working with plants.  

Photo of Marlee Canada in front of the GreenhouseMarlee Canada:  I'm a senior here at UCCS. I'm originally from the San Luis Valley of Colorado but transferred from Adams State College in 2012 to attend UCCS to major in Geography & Environmental Science. Whether it's camping, hiking, hunting, or gardening, I love spending time outside enjoying the beauty of our lovely state. It's been so exciting to watch the Greenhouse & Garden develop and I can't wait to see how it will impact the campus in coming years!

Sara Santa Cruz:  I'm a senior Geography and Environmental Studies (GES) student with a minor in Sustainable Development, and I will be graduating in December 2013. My dream is to continue on into grad school, studying sustainable food and farming systems. I am interested in agroecology and environmental stewardship, as well as cultural and geographic perceptions of what constitutes "food" and how it is integrated into daily life. I am currently the chair of Students for Environmental Awareness and Sustainability (SEAS), the vice chair of the Green Action Fund, and the treasurer for GeoClub. I'm also employed by the UCCS Greenhouse, Languages and Cultures, and the GES department.

Volunteer with the UCCS Greenhouse: See where delicious veggies are grown, meet the people who do it, and help us as we cultivate healthy food for campus!