We're a small but mighty team of gardners, farmers and sustainability supporters. 

Photo of Kelley Jennings, Greenhouse and Garden Manager, pictured in the greenhouse among the plants Kelley Jennings, Greenhouse and Garden Manager: I am originally from Texas where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Geography and Environmental Studies from Texas A&M University.  I've lived, gardened professionally and raised children in Colorado Springs since 1997.  I am hoping to be able to utilize my knowledge and experience of the natural world, garden creation and experimentation to create an organic garden here at UCCS that is at once useful and profitable, diverse and alive, sustainable and lovely, and of course provides for new educational experiences for students and is a valuable resource for educators. 
Photo of Kelley Jennings, Greenhouse and Garden Manager, pictured in the greenhouse among the plants Sara Santa Cruz:  I'm a senior Geography and Environmental Studies (GES) student with a minor in Sustainable Development, and I will be graduating in December 2013. My dream is to continue on into grad school, studying sustainable food and farming systems. I am interested in agroecology and environmental stewardship, as well as cultural and geographic perceptions of what constitutes "food" and how it is integrated into daily life. I am currently the chair of Students for Environmental Awareness and Sustainability (SEAS), the vice chair of the Green Action Fund, and the treasurer for GeoClub. I'm also employed by the UCCS Greenhouse, Languages and Cultures, and the GES department.
Photo of Kelley Jennings, Greenhouse and Garden Manager, pictured in the greenhouse among the plants Rebecca Duran: My name is Rebecca and for me, the UCCS Greenhouse and Gardens is an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. I love the inner feeling and satisfaction of knowing that the seeds I sow will feed fellow students on campus. As an undergraduate in the psychology department specializing in industrial and organizational Psychology, I am especially interested in the campus culture emphasized at UCCS centered on developing systems for a completely sustainable future.
Andrea Vanderwoude: My name is Andrea, a native Idahoan, transplanted to Colorado, specifically UCCS to study my passion of Sports Nutrition. Having grown up in the country on a small family owned dairy farm, I have been connected to growing food and raising animals my whole life. This instilled a love for tasty, fresh food from early on, which is why I did my undergraduate work in dietetics and became a Dietitian. What is lacking in the system though, is a connection to where our food comes from. Working here and with food service I can connect my roots and the hard labor of growing plants to the eateries on campus to provide not only healthy and tasty foods for students that is good for them, but good for the planet too. "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates
George Pagonis: My name is George, and I am in the pre-business program at UCCS. I really like working with the plants and learning the different techniques and methods to grow plants.

Marcos Willman:
My name is Marcos. I have been working at the greenhouse since early summer. I am privileged to be able to work doing what I am most passionate about, growing food! I am in the GES department getting my minor in sustainable development. Happy Farming!