Plan Codes:

Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences

  • (NG-MSFS) Master of Sciences (MSc) optiions in Forensic Science
  • (NG-NURS) Nursing (MS)
  • (NG-NRSD) Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP)
  • (NG-MSSM) Master of Sciences (MSc) option in Sports Medicine
  • (NG-MSSN) Masters of Sciences (MSc) option in Sports Nutrition
  • (NG-MSHP) Master of Sciences (MSc) option in Health Promotion

Graduate School of Business Administration

  • (BG-MBAD) Business Administration (MBA)

The Graduate School

  • (GR-AMTH) Applied Mathematics (MS)
  • (GR-MSMA) Master of Sciences (MSc) option in Mathematics
  • (GR-ASID) Applied Science- Interdisciplinary (PhD)
  • (GR-ASMT) Applied Science- Mathematics (PhD)
  • (GR-ASPY) Applied Science- Physics (PhD)
  • (GR-ASBI) Applied Science- Bioscience (PhD)
  • (GR-GEOG) Applied Geography (MA)
  • (GR-MAEG) Engineering (ME) Master of Engineering
  • (GR-MSBI) Master of Sciences (MSc) Biology Options: Biochemistry/Biotechnology, Organismic Biology, Exercise Science
  • (GR-MSCH) Master of Sciences (MSc) in Chemistry
  • (GR-MSED) Master of Sciences (MSc) option in Science Education or Space Studies Teaching
  • (GR-MSMA) Master of Sciences (MSc) in Mathematics Teaching
  • (GR-MSPH) Master of Sciences (MSc) in Physics
  • (GR-COMM) Communications (MA)
  • (GR-CSCI) Computer Science (MS)
  • (GR-COUN) Counseling/Human Services (MA)
  • (GR-CURR) Curriculum/Instruction (MA)
  • (GR-ELEN) Electrical Engineering (MS)
  • (GR-ENGR) Engineering (PhD)
  • (GR-HIST) History (MA)
  • (GR-LERP) Educational Leadership, Research & Policy (PhD)
  • (GR-MEEN) Mechanical Engineering (MS)
  • (GR-PSYC) Psychology (MA)
  • (GR-GPSY) Psychology (PhD) with Clinical emphasis in Geropsychology
  • (GR-SOCI) Sociology (MA)
  • (GR-SPED) Special Education (MA)

School of Public Affairs

  • (PA-PADM) Public Administration (MPA)
  • (CJ-CRJU)  Criminal Justice (MCJ)