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Graduate School Policies & Procedures - The rules as set forth by the Graduate School. ALL graduate students should review this document.

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  • Academic Services - Academic and professional development resources
  • Course Information Center - Current course schedules and Academic Catalog
  • Faculty and Staff - Information on how to contact faculty and staff in your program
  • Finances - There are a variety of opportunities for graduate students to gain finanical assistance during their academic career
  • Graduate Programs - Includes websites and program contact information
  • Grad News - Stay updated on Graduate School events, campus events relevant to graduate students, graduate student profiles and more
  • International Student Services - Links and resources for international students
  • Research - Explore research opportunities across many disciplines
  • Student Life - Information on campus resources such as student support, health and wellness, activities, recreation and more
  • UCCS Online - A comprehensive website dedicated to students pursuing an online education
  • Veteran & Military Student Affairs - Information on orientations specifically designed for incoming military students, education benefits, resources and more can be found here
  • The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a recognized Student Club at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and its purpose is to enhance the experiences of graduate students on our campus. The UCCS Graduate School created an informal Graduate Student Forum on Facebook as a way to bring together graduate students on campus, develop sense of community, and provide resources and mentorship for future Graduate students. To join the closed Facebook group, click here: UCCS Graduate Student Forum