Gateway Program Seminar

Junior Teaching Assistant (JTA) - Peer Mentor Program

The JTA Program is a Peer Mentoring Program that allows students the opportunity to mentor incoming freshmen through the Gatway Program Seminar. Students must apply to be a JTA and will enroll in a hybrid course, ID 4090. Students will enroll in ID 4090 separately, but will NOT enroll in the Gateway Program Seminar in which they are a JTA. ID 4090 will examine the complementary processes of teaching and learning from both the theoretical and pragmatic perspectives. Students will learn to engage, listen, and assist first-year students in a mature and professional manner relating to their adjustment to UCCS and academic success. Students will also work with faculty sponsors to contribute to the instruction of their designated Gateway Program Seminar class.


  1. Attend mandatory training on Saturday, May 3 from 9:00am - 3:00 pm and again on Monday, August 18 from 9:00am - 3:00pm
  2. Attend Freshman Seminar Preview Daze from 9am-5pm on August 21-22
  3. Attend all sessions of my assigned Gateway Program Seminar.
  4. Complete all reading assignments for my assigned Gateway Program Seminar.
  5. Complete all tasks assigned to me by my Gateway Program Seminar topic instructor.
  6. Coach and mentor my section of first-year students.
  7. Conduct one-on-one interviews with each of my first-year students at the beginning and end of the Gateway Program Seminar.
  8. Plan two activities with my section of first-year students outside of class (one academic and one social).
  9. Provide a list of campus social activities to my first-year students every week.
  10. Conduct myself in a manner appropriate to being a mentor on campus at all times during the semester.
  11. Remain in good academic standing with my college.
  12. Remain in good disciplinary standing with the university.
  13. Attend all online and in-class sessions of ID 4090: Peer Mentoring for Gateway Program Seminar.
  14. Must pass ID 4090 with a "C" or higher to receive the $600 stipend (to be applied to your spring 2015 tuition bill).
  15. Must agree to behave appropriately as a peer mentor in and outside of class.
  16. Complete all JTA and ID 4090 tasks as assigned.

If you wish to apply for the 2014 JTA Program, please click HERE for an application.

Applications should be returned to:

Carrie Arnold in Columbine 4056.