Be a Culture Champion!

Be a Cultural Champion, get your Give! on, and support GOCA!  

GOCA is proud to be part of the Indy GIVE! 2016 campaign - NOVEMBER 1 - DECEMBER 31, 2016

We are excited to announce that GOCA has been selected by a community panel as one of 72 local nonprofits for the third year in a row. Give! is a singular end-of-year philanthropy initiative powered by the Colorado Springs Independent newspaper, Pikes Peak Community Foundation more than 100 allied organizations. 

The goals of Give! are three-fold:

  • to provide publicity and community exposure to participating local nonprofits
  • to attract new donors and volunteers to these organizations
  • to encourage everyone to give back to local nonprofits, with a particular emphasis on young adults & teens to get involved in philanthropy

Your donation to GOCA will go a long way! 

  • We love bringing world-class culture to our region, but we need your support to do it! 
  • GOCA fundraises independently for nearly 100% of programming costs.
  • Donate through the INDY GIVE! Campaign today and qualify for rewards!  
  • Help us reach our goal of $15,000 raised through this campaign.

Here are some examples of where your dollars go:

  • $10 - pays for 4 light bulbs to light up art
  • $25 - pays for a stack of posters to get people through the door
  • $50 - pays for exhibit supplies - like a bucket of 1,000 screws to hang 1,000 clay crane platters
  • $100 - helps to cover the cost of a local band playing at GOCA's Free First Friday Concerts
  • $250 - brings 2 expert speakers to ChitChat, our mash-up lecture series featuring popular topics like Gin Distilling & Musical Composition
  • $500 - pays 2 student employees to work hip-to-hip with professional artists mounting an exhibit
  • $1,000 - go towards the costs of bringing an internationally known artist to our community and campus

www.indygive.com/goca Give! is a year-end philanthropic initiative created to encourage everyone in the Pikes Peak Region to give back and get involved with local nonprofits, with a particular emphasis on catalyzing philanthropy from those 36 years and younger.Over the last five years, Give! has channeled $3.4 million directly to 113 local nonprofits while giving them access to matching grants, media exposure and dozens of hands-on training opportunities from local and regional experts. It is a project of the Colorado Springs Independent alternative newsweekly and is conducted under the fiscal sponsorship of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation.