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BLOGGOCA Interns: 2012

GOCA Interns: 2012

By Kate Landers, GOCA Intern on February 29,  2012

As a scholar of art history, I am grateful for the opportunity to gain experience in actual galleries through my internship with GOCA. This is my last semester at UCCS, and it's as though I am just now discovering what a career in museum and gallery management is truly about: paperwork, editing photos, cleaning up h'orderves and adult beverages, and guarding sculptures to ensure that people do not trip over them.

In all seriousness, I have been interning with GOCA for about a month now and I have loved every minute of my time here. I am so grateful for the ability to extend my passion and interest for art outside of the classroom and into the gallery. I am no longer confined to analyzing pictures of artwork in a book or on a screen; rather, I can observe it in person and interact with the artists and witness the reactions of other viewers. This experience has secured my decision to pursue a career in art history. Despite the stress of the innumerable, mundane tasks that must be completed before the opening of an exhibition, the conclusion of a successful show is inexplicably fulfilling. I am only one of many interns at GOCA this semester, but I leave the gallery with the knowledge that I contributed to something great.

I'm looking forward to participating at more events with GOCA, as well as viewing other exhibitions in Colorado Springs. I love to write, and I love art, so I am anticipating the privilege to document my experiences, opinions, and reflections during my internship at the Galleries of Contemporary Art.

--Kate Landers (2012)