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BLOGGOCA Intern. Student. Artist.

GOCA Intern. Student. Artist.

By Anna Faye 

When Caitlin asked me if I was interested in writing a blog as and 'intern' for the gallery I was immediately excited, then nervous... then kind of blank, "What am I going to write about? What will be interesting? Do I know really know anything about art?!?"...and on and on. But then I calmed down. And, I am happy to say that I am a young artist and student here in the Springs, I'm bursting with ideas, thoughts, interests, critiques, love, and passion for the arts. As an emerging artist in my world and community I am constantly on a search for what art means to me, and my communities.

In this blog I look forward to exploring my ideas and finds about art here in the springs. Contemporary art shows, events, happenings, and daily experiences that may shape my idea of what art is, can become, and how we are affected by it. I hope to explore alternative ways of looking at art, and  how we may find some unexpected things affecting us on an artistic or human level.  

Join me?