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By Anna Faye on May 102011

Although I haven't been tracking my experience online I must say looking back I have plenty to show what a fun journey I've had as a student intern here at the GOCA galleries.

Working with Caitlin and Daisy has been a rewarding and educational experience for me. I jumped into this gallery setting with no previous experience aside from my passion, love, and commitment to the art world. They guided me through much of the business, academic, administrative, public relations, and of course the artistic side of things. Here at GOCA Caitlin and daisy maintain and run the gallery in a general we do it all...way. Working with the artists on installation, managing the galleries, working on publicity and fundraising, maintaining contacts and also getting additional support and help from other art folks here in the Colorado Springs Community. So, needless to say by watching them I got a full run down course on all aspects of running a gallery in just a few short months.

I've also had the privilege to see wonderful works by all kinds of artists. The first show I was here for was "Rupture" from a group down in New Orleans called "The Front". Originally from Louisiana It was neat to get to see some Louisiana artists working as a collective to represent "rupture" from environmental, communal, and human forms of bursting at the limit, and the repercussions of what happens after.

Breaking the Sound Barrier had a wonderful opening where I was lucky enough to sit down with artist Jim Green and talk with him for a long time about various aspects of different artists lives. I am a theatre and art buff and he is considered a "sound artist". It was interesting to listen to what "sounds art" is defined by the artist himself, and talk about the process in which sounds art comes from and how a sound artists just listens, and listens to everyday sounds and conversations and then how he chooses to compile them into a collage of sound. Likewise he was interested in how a ‘theatre/artist' thinks and how I am passionate about what I do.

The latest show at our downtown space is called "The Forgiving" displaying works from artist Marcus Williams and his family collective, F4. I worked alongside with Daisy and Marcus during a part of the installation process. This was an exciting part of the gallery work for me because I was close enough to pick the artists brain for just a few hours. One of the things I enjoy most about working in the art world is learning and understanding how an artists process of creation works, and the evolution to the finished product. Anytime I get to ask an artist about their process I always receive a pretty grand story that describes in detail a part of their life story, a part of their view on the world, and a part of who they are as an artist.

So, now that I get to look back I feel lucky enough to have worked with a number of interesting, fascinating, and just wonderful people. It has been rewarding on so many levels. I've not only gotten an educational experience in gallery management, but I've pursued my passion in the art world in a unique way for me. I've met all kinds of people from all over and had interactions that were enriching on more than an academic level. I look forward to continuing my experience working in the galleries and the rewards that I find as I journey through as a student, artist, and intern.