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GOCA Interns: 2012

By Kate Landers, GOCA Intern on February 292012

Posts by GOCA's Spring 2012 Interns


By Anna Faye on May 102011

I jumped into this gallery setting with no previous experience aside from my passion, love, and commitment to the art world.

VAPA Music in GOCA1420 this April

Contemporary Music & Soundpainting Concerts in the Campus Gallery

GOCA Intern. Student. Artist.

By Anna Faye

The internal exploration of contemporary art in my community as a student, artist, and intern.


By Caitlin

Its no secret that I'm a fan of installation art. But wow, this one totally blew me away.


By Daisy McConnell on October 292010

New exhibit spans both galleries for the first time with systematizing parts 1 & 2 in GOCA1420 and GOCA121


By Caitlin Green on April 12010

4×4: 4 artists, 4 curators developed out of a series of conversations between four local contemporary art curators.