600 HIGHWAYMEN / The Fever

Renowned company 600 Highwaymen will workshop - with UCCS students - a piece of theatre that is an amalgam of music, theatre and choreography examining how we assemble, organize and care for our bodies and the bodies around us. The Fever is set to premier in January at the Public Theater's Under the Radar Festival in New York. GOCA is excited to collaborate with the UCCS Theater & Dance program's new Devised Theatre Initiative and New York's Public Theater on this project.

New Horizon: UCCS Visual Art Faculty Exhibit

This biannual exhibition highlights the work of UCCS Visual Art faculty members, including Matt Barton, Corey Drieth, Marina Eckler, Pauline Foss, Abbey Hepner, Nikki Pike, Stacy Platt, and Claire Rau.

micro/macro | Michael Theodore

Michael Theodore is a composer, sculptor, programmer, educator and inventor who is creating an immersive installation incorporating light, sound and mechanics in our 2,800 square foot campus gallery space.

AWOL: Nicole Banowetz

Monumental inflatable sculptural installation in the Plaza of the Rockies through Fall 2016. Part of AWOL: Art Without Limits, a program of GOCA which seeks new forums for discussion on art and culture through site specific installations, happenings and non-traditional exhibition spaces.  

GIRL CRUSH: Amber Cobb & Laura Shill

Amber Cobb and Laura Shill are Denver-based artists whose individual practices include sculpture, installation, performance, drawing, and photographic processes. Invited to create new works for this exhibit, Girl Crush will feature collaborative and solo works in GOCA's downtown gallery space.


Inspired by retro futuristic fantasies of the past, present, and future, Brilliant explores the intersections of art, fashion, dance, technology and light. The evening engages all the senses, featuring a 5 course culinary art experience, local craft spirit tastings, interactive art, a wearable art live ramp show and multimedia performances. 


BITUMINOUS explores the history of and issues surrounding coal production and consumption in the western United States through the work of four contemporary artists - Michael Bernhardt, Amelia Carley, William T. Carson, and Carlan Tapp.


X featuring the work of 10 Senior VAPA Majors opening in our campus gallery Friday, April 15, 5-8 pm  
Su Cho, Alexandra Garcia, Yuliya Drakh, Jasmine Dillavou, Ian Alexandrowicz, JD Sell, Lesley Garlan, Tam Mauldin, Elissa Cummings, and Ginger Immenhauser

Inhabiting: Mary Hood & Marilee Salvator

Inhabiting features two innovative printmakers - Mary Hood and Marilee Salvator - investigating the boundaries of what is possible with the medium.

Map(ing) Project

Map(ing): Multiple Artists Printing (Indigenous and Native Geographies)

Jenene Nagy: disappear here

Jenene Nagy's site-specific installation disappear here has transformed GOCA's 2,800 square foot campus gallery space through color, optical geometric abstraction and building materials.

Senga Nengudi - Improvisational Gestures: A Survey of Sculptures and Performances

Senga Nengudi is an internationally-celebrated artist and long-time UCCS Visual Art faculty member. In marking UCCS' 50th Anniversary, GOCA hosts an exhibition of her sculptures and performance survey curated by Elissa Auther (Museum of Art and Design - NYC) and Nora Burnett Abrams (MCA - Denver).


BEYOND the BEYOND features five artists and artist collectives - Katie Caron, Carla Gannis, Evan Mann, Barry Whittaker and SaBa (Sam Sheffield and Barry Whittaker) - melding new media with physical realms through video, sculpture, performance, and immersive participatory installation. Boundaries shimmer porously between the digital and material, waking life and dream, rendered and sculpted, and beyond.  

Jane Lackey : Points of Contact

Jane Lackey is a Santa Fe-based artist who works conceptually with drawings, sculpture and installation. In residence at the downtown gallery for eight days, Lackey is creating a site-specific and participatory installation with the assistance of UCCS students.  www.janelackey.com


BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS surveys emerging artists working along the Colorado Front Range corridor. This group exhibition will feature new works in a wide variety of media, including performance, ceramics, photography, installation, painting and new media. 


Annual exhibit of graduating senior visual art emphasis VAPA majors - orchestrated, curated, designed and installed entirely by the student artists. 

TILT Export: Aftermath

Grant Hottle & Paula Rebsom
March 6 - May 16, 2015
Curated by TILT Export: painter Grant Hottle and sculptor Paula Rebsom are collaborators with a shared interest in shifting planes and perspectives, stage sets, imagined realities, and broken landscapes.


Eiko Otake & William Johnston
December 5, 2014 - February 14, 2015
A Body in Fukushima recounts a visit made by renowned dancer and artist Eiko Otake and photographer William Johnston to the irradiated communities that were evacuated in March 2011 after the reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plants in Japan suffered massive damage in the wake of an earthquake and tsunami.

PLAY: Sean O'Meallie & Jason Chase

Oct 24 - Dec 19,  2014
Artists Sean O'Meallie and Jason Chase will entice you to play in our campus gallery space this Fall, 2014


Oct 3 - Nov 15,  2014

Expect great things from Marina Eckler and Donald Fodness, two emerging contemporary artists from Colorado's Front Range creating site-specific installation for this exhibit.

We Are You Project International

The We Are You Project is a comprehensive coast-to-coast exhibition featuring 30 artists addressing current Latino socio-cultural, political, and economic conditions in the U.S. through art.

36 Views of Pikes Peak

A multi-site collaboration between KRCC's 'The Big Something', the Pikes Peak Library District, Colorado College and the Pioneers Museum, this exhibit riffs off of Hokusai's "36 Views of Mt. Fuji" and invites artists to create new works in response.


An Art Party Celebrating the Brilliance of Creativity - Downtown in 2014!

Senior Art Majors Exhibit

'Eleven Women and a Man' is the title of the 2014 Senior Visual Art Majors exhibit, presenting the work of twelve dynamic UCCS undergraduate student artists.


Two artists use by-products of our industrial world - polluted waterways and used motor oil - to poetically explore our current and future environmental crises with photography, mixed-media and video installation.


In conjunction with state-wide programming related to the 100th Anniversary of the Ludlow rebellion and massacre, GOCA has invited six artists whose work deals with protest in many forms.

Cuba & Other Considerations: The Art of Carlos Manuel Cárdenes and Esteban Blanco

Cuban-born artists Carlos Manuel Cárdenes and Esteban Blanco are Miami and Colorado-based expatriates whose works in photography, bronze and mixed-media sculpture mine the depths of their diasporic experience.

Wendy Mike: Embody

As part of GOCA's AWOL - Art Without Limits - artist Wendy Mike's ethereal sculptural figures are suspended from the rafters of the Plaza of the Rockies atrium.


INFLUENCE features three emeriti and former UCCS Visual Art faculty members: Julia (Hoerner) Lathrop, Dawn Wilde, and Kay Williams Johnson. All three artists are masters in their respective practices, including painting, digital art, printmaking, collage and mixed-media.


Sparked by discussions about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and the myriad creative possibilities under the theme of gods and monsters, this thematic exhibit highlights the work of UCCS’ Visual Arts faculty.

AWOL Project: De Lane Bredvik

De Lane Bredvik's "Waldsterben" installation will be on display in the lobby of the Plaza of the Rockies building.

M12: The Black Hornet

The M12 Collective is known for groundbreaking and award-winning creative projects uniting rural culture and identity with documentary installation and performance.


Pattie Lee Becker and Suchitra Mattai are Denver-based artists translating experiences of environments on both microscopic and industrial scales through painting, drawing, letterpress and mixed-media works.


Matt Chmielarczyk | Bill Starr | Andrea Wallace

Auxiliary Art (2012-2013)

Works from the annual Senior Visual Art Majors exhibit are selected for extended display on the UCCS campus in Auxiliaries buildings


The annual Senior Visual Arts Majors Exhibit showcases exciting and innovative art by the graduating seniors in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts.

CERAMICA: Contemporary Clay 2013

Corie Cole | Del Harrow | Jerry Morris | Elaine K. Ng | Mark Wong

styrobot: nothing comes from nothing

Michael Salter is a self-proclaimed "obsessive observer", sifting through the avalanche of mass media and corporate branding to find poignant, absurd, and baffling pieces which become part of his work.

systematizing: part 1

systematizing explores various forms of systems, including social systems (particularly as they relate to technology and social media), systems and patterns in nature, and systems organically and methodically constructed in specific spaces.

systematizing: part 2

There are systems all around us. From bureaucracies to weather patterns and routines to computer programming, systems are not only a part of our world, but they help define our place in it.

WILLIAM WYLIE: American Places

In the exhibition American Places William Wylie focuses on the concept of place.


Hypothesis: Process in Science and Art is a multi-disciplinary exhibit and an experiment highlighting the connections between the scientific and artistic processes.


4x4 developed out of a series of conversations between four local contemporary art curators.


This exhibition is the starting point for an ongoing discussion on contemporary art and culture, facilitated by UCCS. We don’t presume to know where these conversations will take us, we simply offer a place to start.


This is the world premier of the complete Autoteatro Series by Rotozaza, a UK-based performance group. Three works make up the series: ETIQUETTE, GURUGURU and WONDERMART.

MOAN: pleasure and pain

Taking inspiration from a sound that straddles pleasure and pain, Moan features art work in a variety of media by UCCS Visual Art faculty and students as a part of the City Dionysia Festival.

Free Candy

FREE CANDY! is the annual Visual and Performing Arts exhibition highlighting work from 2010 graduating seniors.