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WE ARE YOU Project

We Are You Project
September 4 - October 11, 2014

We Are You Symposium: Saturday, September 13, 9 am - 4 pm
Artist Talks 4 - 5 pm /  Public Artists' Reception following immediately to 7 pm 

The We Are You Project is the first comprehensive 21st Century coast-to-coast exhibition depicting current Latino socio-cultural, political, and economic conditions, reflecting triumphs, achievements, risks and vulnerabilities, affecting all Latinos "within," as well as "outside" the USA.  Curated by Raul Villareal, it is also the first 21st Century art movement that cohesively combines Visual Art, Poetry, Music, Performance Art, and Film making, amalgamating these diverse art-forms into one ("united") socio-cultural artistic Latino voice, which utilizes ART to confront current challenges and opportunities that are faced by contemporary Latinos and Latinas throughout the USA and Latin America; these concerns include: 1). Latino immigration, 2). Latinization, 3). the current Anti-Latino backlash, 4). the rise of Pan-Latino transcultural-diversity, as well as 5). revealing the diverse fusion of Latino identities in the 21st Century, assiduously forging, nurturing, and evolving a "New-Latino" persona armed with an "innovative" aesthetic world-view, which Villarreal has christened, "Neo-Latino." 

This exhibit will feature the works of 30+ artists from around the nation, including many from Colorado.

Sponsored by UCCS Center for Government and the Individual and Women's and Ethnic Studies