600 HIGHWAYMEN / The Fever

GOCA 1420

Renowned company 600 Highwaymen will workshop - with UCCS students - a piece of theatre that is an amalgam of music, theatre and choreography examining how we assemble, organize and care for our bodies and the bodies around us. The Fever is set to premier in January at the Public Theater's Under the Radar Festival in New York. GOCA is excited to collaborate with the UCCS Theater & Dance program's new Devised Theatre Initiative on this project.

Black Power Tarot

GOCA 121

Collaboration between musician King Khan, surrealist filmmaker and spiritual guru Alejandro Jodorowsky and designer Michael Eaton (visual artist on TV's "Game of Thrones") featuring a film screening and live tarot readings. 

These things are tangible

GOCA 1420

Claudia Mastrobuno, Sonya Yong James, and Jodi Stevens will create site-specific sculptural fiber installations. 

CYBERCY: Exploring Human Experience in the Post Internet Matrix

GOCA 121

The Finishing School artist collective & Yucef Merhi, Christopher Coleman & Laleh Mehran, and Signe Pierce & Allie Coates are featured in this exhibition. 

Senior Visual Art Majors Exhibit

GOCA 1420

The annual Senior Visual Art (VAPA) Majors exhibit is not only the culminating exhibition is a professional practice experience for the artists. From start to
finish, the student artists own every aspect of the exhibit.


GOCA 121

One night a year, GOCA focuses all of its resources to celebrate our community's exceptional creative capacity. From art, to technology to mixology-we throw a fantastic party that also bolsters support for GOCA. It's visually stunning, high energy, aweinspiring, and delicious. It's BRILLIANT.