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GOCA 121
Oct 3 - Nov 152014

Expect great things from Marina Eckler and Donald Fodness, two emerging contemporary artists from Colorado’s Front Range creating site-specific installation for this exhibit.

Preview: We Are You Project InternationalWe Are You Project International
GOCA 1420
Sept 5 - Oct 112014

The We Are You Project is a comprehensive coast-to-coast exhibition featuring 30 artists addressing current Latino socio-cultural, political, and economic conditions in the U.S. through art.

Preview: Embody: Offerings of a Dimensional SoulEmbody: Offerings of a Dimensional Soul
GOCA 121
Jul 17 - Nov 72014

As part of GOCA's AWOL - Art Without Limits - artist Wendy Mike's ethereal sculptural figures are suspended from the rafters of the Plaza of the Rockies atrium.