Recent Theses

Recent Theses

Benton, Shiloh
Alan Savory's Holistic Planned Grazing--Past, Present, Future
Advisor: Tom Huber

Hendrickson, Josh
An Exploration of Community Gardens and Denver Gentrification
Advisor: John Harner

Sturgis, David
Evaluating User Experience of Situational Awareness Technology in Wildfire Response
Advisor: Paddington Hodza

Bellizio, Bret
Wildlife Population Estimation Utilizing Satelitte Imagery
Advisor: Cerian Gibbes

Best, Brian
Taco Trucks vs. Trendy Trucks: Inequality and the Geography of Mobile Food Vendors in Austin, Texas
Advisor: Emily Skop

Hassler, Andrea
Restoration in the Hayman Burn Area: A Multi-Modal Analysis of the Integration of Social and Ecological Values and Land Cover Change in a Post-Fire Restoration Case Study
Advisor: David Havlick

Pittman, Kari M.
Between Rock Art and Graffiti: Identifying Culture Change and Ethnic Interactions in the Borderlands of Southeastern Colorado using a Customized Geospatial Typology
Advisor: Brandon Vogt

Siebert, Nate
Agents of Gentrification: Police Surveillance in the Mile-High City
Advisor: John Harner

Walke, Peter
Understanding Traditional Neighborhood Marketing: A Case Study of the Patty Jewett Neighborhood
Advisor: John Harner

John, Matthew
Sehnsucht as a Construct for Understanding Attachments to Beautiful, Natural Places
Advisor: David Havlick

Martin, Sarah
Sustainability Actions and Values: the Colorado Outdoor Education Center Case
Advisor: Tom Huber

Muhlestein, Geoffrey
An Evaluation of a GIS Based Procedure for Estimating Probable Maximum Precipitation over the Piru Creek Basin
Advisor: Brandon Vogt

Winters, Scott
Spatial modeling of residential water use in Colorado Springs between 2000 and 2009
Advisor: Paddington Hodza

Davis, John
Resplendent Quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno) Nesting Sites: Snag Availability in the Sierra de las Minas, Guatemala
Advisor: Curt Holder

Gilford, Kevin
Advancing Sustainability in Higher Education: A Case Study Aligning STARS with the Values of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Advisor: John Harner

Hollamby, Ryan
The Massenerhebung Effect: Exploring Treeline Elevation Differences between the Pikes Peak Massif and the Elk Mountain Range, Colorado, USA
Advisor: Brandon Vogt

Housey, Melissa
Reducing Gap Failures in Hazard Mitigation Using State Environmental Policy Acts: The California Environmental Quality Act Approach
Advisor: David Havlick

Wooley, David
Remote Sensing Measurement of Green Vegetation Change Using the NDVI and Tasseled Cap Greenness Indices in the Department of Chiquimula, Guatemala, 1992-2005
Advisor: Curt Holder

Benz, Bradley
Growth Trends of Ex-Rural Colorado and a Ranchette Case Study of La Plata County
Advisor: John Harner

Delano, Sara
Comparative Analysis of Soil Water Repellency Due to Vegetation Effects
Advisor: Curt Holder

Dukes, Andy
A GIS Analysis of Crime Hotspots and Demographics in Colorado Springs
Advisor: Paddington Hodza

Fields, Jason
Developing a Web Application for Crime Mapping to Promote Community Empowerment
Advisor: John Harner

Hagerman, Doug
Sequence of Flooding of Urban Neighborhoods as Rainstorm Size Increases
Advisor: Tom Huber

Hesse, Mark
A Plan for Managing Multiday Visitation and Camping in South Colony Lake Basin, Sangre de Cristo Wilderness
Adviros: Tom Huber

Lynn, Sheree
Effects of River Diversions on Macro Invertebrate Populations
Advisor: Steve Jennings

League, Cedar
What Were They Thinking? Using YouTube to Observe Driver Behavior Crossing Flooded Roads
Advisor: Eve Gruntfest

Owen, Zachary
The Commercially-Based Mormon Cultural Landscape: A Proposed Update to the Agricultural Standard
Advisor: John Harner

Putt, Tyler
Factors that Drive the Prevalence of Turfgrass Lawn in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Advisor: John Harner

Clouse, Wendi
Gully Stabilization Assessment: North Crystal Creek, Pike National Forest, Colorado
Advisor: Tom Huber

Kinder, Frank
The Breakdown in Sustainable Development in Colorado Springs: University Village in North Nevada Avenue Urban Renewal
Advisor: John Harner

Rhatigan, Robert
Preservation or Disneyfication? The Colorado Limited Gaming Act of 1990 and its Effects on the Historic Landscape and Character of Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek, Colorado
Advisor: John Harner

Walsh, Jon
Subdivision Entrances: Imagineering Identity through Marketing, Place-Naming, and Gateway Construction
Advisor: John Harner

Worthey, Marshall
Rapid Field Verification: A New Method for Assessing the Accuracy of Land Cover Data in the Field
Advisor: Tom Huber

Knapp, Kevin
A Web-Based GIS Application for Calculating Impacts of Land Use Change Using Sustainable Development Indicators in Guadalajaara, Mexico
Advisor: John Harner

Hotop, Cindy
The Family Farm as as Community Resource: A Case Study of the Venetucci Farm
Advisor: John Harner

Radil, Steve
Global Patterns of Terrorism, 1998-2005: A Geographic Overview and Root Cause Analysis
Advisor: Roger Sambrook

Gust, John
An Investigation of the Catchment and Resource Base of the Historic Period Village of San Pedro Siris, Belize
Advisor: Curt Holder

O'Brien, Jason
The Political Economy of Residential Development in a Fast-Growing Second-Tier City: An Application of the Growth Machine Theory
Advisor: John Harner

Kelley, Tara
Perceptions of Reclaimed Water Landscape Irrigation: A Survey of Colorado Springs Residents
Advisor: Eve Gruntfest

Olson, Nancy
Analyzing the Behavior of Transportation Mode Choice: Reducing Single Occupancy Vehicle Travel to the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Advisor: Curt Holder

Othitis, Michael
A Strategic Water Supply: The Geology, the Hydrology, and the location of abandoned coal mines in Rockrimmon, Colorado Springs
Advisor: Curt Holder

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