John Harner

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  • Ph.D, Geography, Arizona State University, 1996
  • MA, Geography, Arizona State University, 1993
  • BS, Geography, The Pennsylvania State University, 1986

Research Interests:

  • Political Economy of Place
  • U.S.- Mexico Connections and Integration
  • The American Urban Landscape

Research Projects:

  • Urban change in Guadalajara, Mexico. Areas of emphasis are changes in the housing and retail environment, developing web-enabled planning tools, and change in the historic colonial core.
  • Historical geography of Colorado Springs and evaluation of sustainability in contemporary development.

Courses Taught:

  • Geography of Food
  • Geography of the American Southwest
  • Urban Geography
  • Geographic Research Seminar
  • Field Studies in Mexico and Central America
  • Geography of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean
  • The Cultural Landscape
  • Introduction to Human Geography
  • Introduction to GIS

Awards and Honors:

  • Fulbright Scholar, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2005
  • Innovations in Teaching with Technology Award, UCCS, 2002

Selected Publications:

  • Kuby, Michael, John Harner, and Patricia Gober. 2013. Human Geography in Action, 6th Edition. New York: John Wiley and Sons.
  • Benz, Bradley, and John Harner. 2013. The Growth of Ranchettes in La Plata County, Colorado, 1988-2008. The Professional Geographer 65(2):329-344.
  • Harner, John, and Frank Kinder. 2011. Placelessness in a Deregulated City: University Village in Colorado Springs. Urban Geography 32(5):730-755.
  • Harner, John. 2010. The Changing Location of Trade and Services in Guadalajara, Mexico, 1994-2004. Geographical Review 100(4):494-520.
  • Harner, John, Edith Jiménez, and Heriberto Cruz Solís. 2009. Buying Development: Housing and Urban Growth in Guadalajara, Mexico. Urban Geography 30(5):465-489.
  • Harner, John P., and Kevin Knapp. 2009. Advances in Web-Assisted Planning Tools: A Land Use Impact Calculator for Guadalajara, Mexico. Journal of Urban Design 14(4):557-563.

Outreach and Service:

  • Chair, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
  • Board of Directors, Catamount Center for Geography of the Southern Rockies