Emily SkopEmily Skop

Associate Professor, Graduate Director
Columbine 2021
curriculum vitae


  • PhD, Geography, Arizona State University, 2002
  • MA, Geography, Arizona State University, 1997
  • BA, Geography, University of Miami, 1995

Research Interests:

  • Population
  • Place
  • Race
  • Urban Culture

Research Projects:

  • Immigration, Racialization and Suburbanization in the U.S.

Courses Taught:

  • GES 1980 World Regional Geography
  • GES 1990 Intro to Human Geography
  • GES 4460/5460 Field Studies: Silverton, Colorado
  • GES 4620/5620 Race, Ethnicity, and Place
  • GES 4630/5630 Inequality USA
  • GES 4640/5640 MegaCities
  • GES 4730/5730 Population Geography
  • GES 4780/5780 Global Migration

Awards and Honors:

  • Knapsack Institute Scholarship, 2013
  • Census Bureau Award, 2010
  • Honoraria for various presentations
  • Faculty Service Award 2007

Selected Publications:

  • Skop, Emily. 2013. Thirdspace as Transnational Space. Book Chapter in Indian Transnationalism Online: Ethnographic Explorations edited by Hans de Kruijf and Ajaya Sahoo. Ashgate Publishing.
  • Skop, Emily. 2012. The Immigration and Settlement of Asian Indians in Phoenix, Arizona 1965-2011: Ethnic Pride vs. Racial Discrimination in the Suburbs. New York: Edwin Mellen Press. 
  • Murdie, Robert and Emily Skop. 2011. Immigration and Urban-Suburban Settlements. Book Chapter in Immigrant Geographies of North American Cities, edited by Carlos Teixeira, Wei Li, and Audrey Kobayashi. Don Mills, ON: Oxford University Press Canada, 48-68. 
  • Li, Wei and Emily Skop. 2010. Diaspora in the United States: Chinese and Indians Compared.  Journal of Chinese Overseas 6(4): 286-310. 
  • Skop, Emily. 2009. Austin: A City Divided. Book Chapter in The African Diaspora in the United States and Canada at the Dawn of the 21st century, edited by John Frazier, Joe T. Darden and Norah F. Henry. New York: Academic Publishing, 109-122. 
  • Skop, Emily. 2008. Creating Fieldtrip-based Learning Communities. Journal of Geography 107(6): 230-235. 
  • Skop, Emily. 2006. The Methodological Potential of Focus Groups in Population Geography. Population, Space, and Place 12(2): 113-124. 
  • Skop, Emily and Wei Li. 2005. Asians in America's Suburbs: Patterns and Consequences of Settlement. Geographical Review 95(2): 167-188. 
  • Skop, Emily and Wei Li. 2003. From the Ghetto to the Invisiburb: Shifting Patterns of Immigrant Settlement in Contemporary America. In Multicultural Geographies: Persistence and Change in U.S. Racial/ Ethnic Patterns. J. W. Frazier and F. Margai (eds.). NY: Academic Pub. 113-124. 
  • Skop, Emily. 2001. Race and Place in the Adaptation of Mariel Exiles. International Migration Review 35(2): 449-471.

Outreach and Service:

  • Chair, Population Geography Specialty Group, AAG
  • Chair, Ethnic Geography Specialty Group, AAG