Proposal Application

Any UCCS Student, faculty, or staff member may submit a project application.


Funding Evaluation Criteria

Your application will be evaluated based on its contribution to each of the following goals:

  1. Reduction of Ecological Footprint
  2. Increased Student Involvement
  3. Education and Outreach
  4. Long Term Feasibility
  5. Scope of Impact at UCCS

Proposal Packet:

The following should be submitted via email to (preferably PDF) for grants to be considered:

  • Grant application form
  • Budget
  • Timeline

Need some help with your project idea?  We recommend you:

  • Contact appropriate persons in administration or faculty
  • Contact Green Action Fund Project Coordinator or a Committee Member
  • Seek out additional grants, donations or matching funds

Here you will find all the grant application forms you need to apply for a grant!



Contact us if you have any questions -

Want a jump start on your proposal? Here is an example of an ideal proposal! Bike Stand Repair Station and Budget



*Forms last updated: November 2014. Make sure you have the most recent copy--check now!*