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In Spring 2011, an amendment to the $5.00-per-semester student Solar Fee Referendum passed, expanding the purpose of the solar fee from strictly solar energy projects to include a broader range of sustainability-related projects on the campus. In Fall of 2011 the Green Action Fund formed, approving the first projects in Spring of 2012. In the Spring of 2013, the sunset on the solar fee was extended and the name changed to the "Green Action Fund Fee" in a special election. Check out our Completed and Approved Projects to learn more.

The aim of the Green Action Fund is to reduce the ecological footprint of UCCS and promote sustainable environmental, social and economic values through a variety of student-sponsored projects. YOU can create a project that helps to make our campus more sustainable.

This fee presents an exciting opportunity to support a broader range of campus sustainability projects, providing monies in these financially challenging times for projects that students desire to implement. It offers students an opportunity to become more active participants in determining their own future and the future of their campus.


Any UCCS student, faculty, or staff member may submit a project application.

Funding Evaluation Criteria
Your application will be evaluated based on its contribution to each of the following goals of the Fund:

Reduction of Ecological Footprint

Increased Student Involvement

Education and Outreach

Long Term Feasibility

Scope of Impact at UCCS 


Spring 2014 Deadline for Intermediate/Large Grants is March 7, 2014

Click on the appopriate application below for your project's grant request:


For requests that total 
less than $5,000


For requests ranging between 
$5,000 - $24,999


For requests of 
$25,000 or more


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(Small-sized requests will be considered on a year-round basis.)

For assistance with your request or to help further refine your idea, please submit the following form:

*Idea for the Green Action Fund:
Email Address:
Validation Code
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Spring 2014 Green Action Fund Committee Members:

Name Role
Tyone Thibou Chair
Sara SantaCruz Vice Chair | SEAS Co-chair/GeoClub Treasurer
Vanessa Ferona Projects Coordinator | GeoClub Chair
Jonathan Toman Communications Chair | Scribe
Mohannad Aldahan Treasurer
Matthew Driftmier SGA Secretary of Sustainability
Megan Hedley Secretary 
Scott Hatlen Student at Large
Drew Johnson Alumni 
Andrea Hassler Alumni
Nathanael Mooberry Alumni | Former Chair and SGA Senator of Sustainability
Linda Kogan Staff, Sustainability Office Director
Carole Huber Faculty Sustainability Representative | GES, SEAS Advisor
Rob Dougherty Staff, Physical Plant Director


If you are interested in becoming a part of the committee or have questions you can e-mail greenfun@uccs.edu.