Wind Purchase

Proposed By:

Linda Kogan (Staff) & Kevin Gilford (Staff) - Office of Sustainability

Completion Date:

Fall 2012

Summary of Project:

"UCCS is a signatory to the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment. This commits the University to determining a future date for carbon neutrality and reducing emissions as much as possible in the short term. UCCS has a Climate Action Plan that was developed by faculty, staff, and students in 2010. The plan highlights specific strategies to help reduce emissions including, energy retrofit projects, building higher efficiency LEED buildings, conservation behavior, greening of the grid, and the purchase and/or installation of renewable energy. UCCS is pursuing all of the strategies to help control or reduce emissions. We however do not have control over greening of the grid as this is determined by Colorado Springs Utilities. While they have not offered to green the grid for all of Colorado Springs and spread costs over the entire community, they have offered a 2 year purchase of wind, including the renewable energy credits, to schools, businesses, and community members. The VCAF office has put out a tentative commitment to purchase 1050mWh for 2013 and then again in 2014. This will get the school up to roughly 5% renewable energy and will provide for a large percentage of the energy use for the Library. This proposal is to match that purchase with another 1050mWh (roughly) to bring up the school’s percentage of renewable energy to between 7-10 percent. The university is continuing to look at long term solar or wind purchase contracts, but these have not been available or economically feasible here in Colorado springs. The purchase of this wind energy will send a clear message that students in Colorado Springs and specifically UCCS, care about climate change and doing something to reduce emissions. I have attached the Climate Action Plan for GAF members to peruse to see how this fits in with goals." - Taken from the original proposal under Executive Summary.

Image/s: Actual sign is located on the 2nd floor of Columbine Hall

Wind Purchase