Tree of Peace

Proposed By:

Michele Companion (Faculty) Department of Sociology

Completion Date:

Fall 2013

Summary of Project:

 "The purpose of planting and dedicating a new Tree of Peace is to help solidify the relationship between the Native American community and the university campus and students. The Tree represents a strong link to cultural continuity and peaceful, supportive, on-going relationships. The Tree will be a place where students and the community can reflect on their daily lives and enjoy its beauty and shade. Planting a new Tree will also help to correct the cultural wrong that was done when the original tree died after having been moved to build the parking garage. We were granted to the use of a culturally inappropriate tree." - Taken from original proposal under Executive Summary

"Plant a Douglas Fir on campus on behalf of the members of the Iroquois Confederacy, the Mohawk Nation, the local Native American community, and members of faculty and students. This would be the new Tree of Peace. The existing Tree is not culturally appropriate. It is a Honey Locust and the Tree of Peace, traditionally, is a fir tree. The current Tree is also located in a poor area environmentally and spiritually. It is front of Centennial Hall at the Shuttle stop. When doing ceremonies, participants are exposed to the noise of the shuttles, which is disruptive to the ceremony, and the exhaust from all of the vehicles which is unhealthy. Mr. Eugene Red Hawk, a Mohawk elder and spiritual caretaker for the current Tree, believes it is dying spiritually. He wishes to “Decommission” the existing Tree and plant a new, spiritually clean one." - Taken from original proposal under General Information



tree of peaceTree pf Peace